Mobile net

Mobile net ….. the fastest mobile internet in yemen..

Mobile net enables the subscriber to access the internet at a speed of up to 3.1 MB using the Ev-Do-Rev.A technology of yemen mobile.

  1. High speed performance.
  2. Easy to use anywhere, anytime.
  3. High reliability in communication.
  4. Sending data, information and media.
  5. You can browse the Internet wherever you are via modem or mobile directly.
    • Mobile net - data Transfer (for companies, institutions and banks).
    • Mobile net - modems (surf the netvia computer).
    • Mobile net - smart phones (browsing the net through smart mobile devices)
      Service description:

      This service provides data transfer from point to point via Yemen Mobile network and technologies
      Yemen Mobile technology enables the transfer of data and information in various applications to individuals, companies and various institutions with high quality
      Ev-Do Rev.A technology that yemen mobile provides today considered the most modern mobile communication technology with the possibility of development and modernization of higher levels in a flexible and easy to keep pace with the latest technology and communications protocols in the world.

        There is no comparison between our data transfer technology and what competitive companies can offer. Our service is characterized by:

        • High-speed performance in the covered places.
        • Ease to use in any place and time.
        • High reliability in contact .
        • Automatic transition between the Ev-DO technology and 1X technology in uncovered.
        • Adequate and appropriate tariff for all customers categories.
        • The ability to send data and information and compose short messages (SMS).

          Dear subscriber .. to get the data transfer service you have to go to the main center for paying service activation fee only 1500 Riyals.To choose the monthly Package of the service that suits your needs, we recommend you to review the details in the following table:


          Corporat EV-DO (1MB = 15 YER)

          Gross Fee

          Cost of 1MB



















          Note:Prices inclusive of taxes.

            To ensure your successful participation in the data transfer service, and to make optimum use of our distinctive services, we advise the following instructions:

            • To request the service of data transfer (Ev - DO Rev.A) or (X1), and to subscribe to the monthly Packages, a request must be submitted to the main office for getting the (IP address) of the service .
            • The terminals used for the service are selected according to the customer's desire in the places available in the market.
            • Tariffs are calculated on the basis of selected Packages.If the Package limit is exceeded, the default tariff is calculated.
            • Possibility of payment via Riyal Mobile, POS , PO and (CAC Bank).
            • Possibility of moving from a Package to another or renewal of the current Package during the month.

              Now with Yemen Mobile you can surf the net at high speed.High-speed Internet browsing is characterized by using a wireless modem that is connected directly to the computer.
              Subscribers who wish to receive the service will only have to pay the cost of the MobileNet line for once (990 Riyals). This service can be formally requested through one of the customer service centers of Yemen Mobile Co.

              Additional Instructions:

              To ensure easy access to the service and to successfully subscribe to the modems service, we advise you to review the following instructions:

              The modem to be installed on computer by "Dialup" according to the following data:

              Username: ymobile
              Password: ymobile
              Service code : # 777

              * We have been keen to provide our customers with the service of modems from Mobile Net with Two-speed type and a set of Packages suitable for eveYRone.on which the surfing tariff for this service was set.

              The browsing tariff via modems by bundle:-

               Speed  150MB  300MB    450MB     700MB    1500MB 


               5GB   7GB  15GB
               Ev-DO  SpeedMbps  500 Riyals 900 Riyals 1300 Riyals 1800 Riyals 3300 Riyals 4500 Riyals  7000 Riyals  9000 Riyals  15000 Riyals

              * Dear Subscribers…You can use the service of Mobile Net by the cost of (one megabyte) according to your need and the range of your use of the Internet without the allocation of a specific bundle. According to the following tariff:

              MB1 tariff without subscription in Packages :-



              Data Transmission

               Ev – DO SpeedMbps 3.1

              6 Riyals

              15 Riyals

              For more explanation, the Internet default tariff at the speed of 153 kbps is calculated in kilobytes per second, where (171kb) is only cost a half riyal. In the Internet at the speed of 1 kbps the cost of (171kb) is only one riyal.
              Now!!Browse the internet in high speed, with Yemen Mobile you are unique.

                Live with the event, and check out the new of the world moment by moment,just by touches on your smartphone you will enter a world of unlimited communication through the distinguished service of Mobile Net..

                Package Features

                Dear subscriber .. This service will enable you to surf the Internet and download what you want from the clips (sound, music and video) and make it easier for you to contact through various social networking sites (Facebook - Twitter... etc) anywhere, anywhere via smart mobile phone device with speed up to 3.1 Mega.

                Service Tariff

                We aim for your satisfaction,want our network to include all means of communication that enable you to keep pace with modernity and development.Our way is to offer Yemen Net service to you in two speedsand a set of Packages that suit eveYRone.
                Just review the following data to know the cost of your Internet browsing by Package and speed:-

                 Speed  150MB  300MB    450MB     700MB    1500MB 


                 5GB   7GB  15GB
                 Ev-DO  SpeedMbps  500 Riyals 900 Riyals 1300 Riyals 1800 Riyals 3300 Riyals 4500 Riyals  7000 Riyals  9000 Riyals  15000 Riyals
                Additional Instructions:-
                1. The validity of the Package is 30 days from the date of activation and can be renewed as needed.
                2. To subscribe to Mobile Net you can request service from a sales employee. Also 3G service must be activated on your smart phone by sending the word (activation) in an SMS to (1112).

                  Dear Subscriber….you can pay or renew your Packages through the company's centers, our agents or via one of our approved points, as follows:
                  (Yemen Mobile Service Centers - Yemen Mobile Agents - Telecom Corporation branches - Teleyemen branches - Yemen Post branches - Branches of Alkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank - CACBANK - Al-Basha Computers – Grandtechnolog).

                  Second :-

                  Dear Subscriber, you can also pay your Packages through scratch cards.

                  For more details:
                  For those who interest in more details, they can send the word (Mobile Net) in a SMS to (123).


                    Monthly Hadaya” offer for Postpaid subscribers

                    Monthly Hadaya” offer for Postpaid subscribers

                    Gift Package Provided

                    Gift Package Provided

                    Mazaia weekly package

                    Mazaia weekly package

                    Mobile net

                    Mobile net

                    Gifts package

                    Gifts package

                    Mazaia package

                    Mazaia package

                    Welcome all package

                    Welcome all package

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